Preparing Your Home for Sale

Some homes are ready to go on the market with a quick dust and vacuum. However, most properties benefit from a little elbow grease and polish before going on the market. That is where I shine and my clients really appreciate my experience.

Listing Dollars

When you are ready to list your home (and sometimes even beforehand), I will walk through your home with you, looking for “listing dollars” (those things that buyers will pay more money for), and make sure that these are highlighted and enhanced. Part of this strategy may include cosmetically making sure the listing dollar features are highlighted (such as through paint and finishes) as well as staging.

Property Punchlist

There are usually small issues that should be fixed before listing. This can be as simple as changing burned-out lightbulbs or cleaning baseboards or more in-depth such as repainting a room or replacing carpet. These are all recommended with two goals in mind – 1) to minimize the items that could come up on an inspection report and 2) to minimize the number of flaws that can distract buyers in order to keep them focused on how wonderful your home is. Should you need contractors or handy people to take on some of this work, I am happy to help coordinate.

Improvements for Profit

In some cases, updating or improving a space is something I recommend in order to maximize your profits. It is not a great fit for every seller or every listing, but if I see an opportunity, I will work with you on determining a plan. I also have connections to contractors who can make easy work of any improvements needed.

Professional Cleaning

Finally, when your home is ready to go on the market, I will have it professionally cleaned so it will be ready for showings.

Preparing your home for sale is as important as what I do to market your home. I look forward to helping you maximize your listing dollars and your profits!