Senior Services

Over a Decade of Experience

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A Decade of Expertise as a Senior Real Estate Specialist

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Extensive Experience in Home Renovations for over 15 Years

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Tailored Financing Solutions for Your Transition

Seamless Senior Transitions

Stress-free real estate solutions to maximize your resale value.

Senior Real Estate Specialists

We provide seniors with a comprehensive range of tailored services to create a seamless home buying or selling experience.

Comprised of seasoned professionals, we prioritize trustworthiness, patience, and compassion, recognizing the unique challenges seniors encounter. Our aim is to alleviate stress, minimize your to-do list, and optimize your time and finances.

To provide a seamless and stress-free experience, we offer a Transitional Living Program designed for seniors looking to maximize selling profits. This program allows hassle-free home preparation without upfront costs. Renovation expenses are deducted from escrow upon property sale. 

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Senior Solutions: Simplifying transitions with expert services.

Service – Relocation

Relocation Assistance and Moving Coordination

Service – Preparing you home for sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale: Decluttering and Organizing

Service – aging in place

Aging-in-Place: Remodeling and Improvements

Service – Senior Tax Advantage

Senior Tax Advantages

Transitional Living Program

A program specifically designed to assist seniors in maximizing their selling profits by addressing necessary repairs and upgrades. With our program, seniors can effortlessly prepare their homes for sale without the burden of upfront expenses. Instead of paying for renovations beforehand and awaiting profits later, the cost of the improvements will be conveniently deducted from the escrow at the time of the property's sale. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our program. 

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